Live betting on cryptocurrencies

Betting during the match is in demand. You can watch the broadcast and guess the outcomes in real time. If luck is on your side, you will receive your winnings very soon. But if you do not develop a strategy and do not follow the bank, then live bets are the surest way to financial losses.

Live betting – what is it?

Live bets are bets that can be made during a sporting event. The confrontation between the bookmaker and the player takes place in real time. Both follow the event and try to get ahead of each other.

The bookmaker’s task is not to miss an important moment, calculate the probability in time and change the odds on the site. The player also watches what is happening and tries to seize the moment in order to make the most profitable bet for himself.

Bookmakers are sometimes a little tricky. If something important happens during a sporting event, they stop accepting bets.

Let’s say one of the teams earned a penalty kick in regular time. The attacker approaches the point, the goalkeeper takes his position. The referee blows the whistle – you can beat. At this point, several events at once become easier to predict. Most likely, there will be a goal. If a penalty is awarded towards the end of the game, the goal may be decisive. The player who scores the penalty is likely to score a useful action. Or maybe this is the second goal for him in a game. This is the best moment to make live bets on the outcome, total, scored penalty, goal of a particular player.

And for the bookmaker, this is the moment of distribution of free winnings. That is why bet acceptance is resumed only after the situation is no longer easily predictable. Of course, the acceptance of bets is resumed with new odds, which take into account all the events that have occurred.


Fast results

Live betting is like an instant lottery. I bought a ticket, erased the protective layer and it was immediately clear whether I won or not. The bookmaker’s website works the same way. I went to the site, chose the outcome, made a bet. And you wait for the event to end.

Sometimes the outcome of a bet is clear long before the end of the match. If you put more than 0.5 on total in football, you can relax as soon as one of the teams scores a goal. So, when you want to quickly try your luck, live bets are just the thing.

More information

No even the most thorough pre-match analysis can provide absolutely all the details. During a match or shortly before it starts, something can go wrong.

In pre-match training, a player may be injured and not enter the field. What if it’s the goalkeeper or the best striker. Bookmakers will immediately notice this and recalculate the odds. Therefore, if you want to make a pre-match bet, it is better to wait for the announcement of at least the starting lineups.

If a player receives a yellow card during the match, the probability of being sent off is higher than before the start of the game. You can place additional bets.

Often the result of a match depends on who will score the first goal. Before the game, it is not clear who will open the score, since the forces are approximately equal. Once a goal is scored, you can place bets.

One of the teams may not have a game going. The pre-match analytics made the team a favorite, but in terms of the game there was simply no chance of winning. It is enough to watch the first 10-15 minutes to assess the dynamics.

There are a lot of examples. There is much more information in live and you can make accurate predictions based on the nuances noticed during the game.

Wide range of events

You can watch several matches at the same time. In one – there is a high probability of sending off, in the other – the team takes a lot of corners, in the third – some other peculiarity. And such observations can be combined into express bets.

In-depth preliminary analysis of a single match will not give such a choice as watching several matches at the same time. This is also often used to increase odds and increase the number of bets.